Real Value. Real People.

The top management’s agenda is our agenda. We solve the right problems in the right way. With dedication and presence. No two companies are alike, and the same applies to our solutions. We create real value for people – with people.


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Client value stories

Growth strategy for the Port of Aarhus

The Port of Aarhus has been through a process in which they developed a growth strategy with broad involvement of employees across the organisation, creating a direction for growth while at the same time preparing the organisation for the future.

Client value stories

Board development at Arla Foods

The Board at Arla Foods, which represents more than 7,000 owners, now has a joint understanding of what it will take to implement the company’s global vision and strategy.

Client value stories
Culture & values

Membership culture in IDA Forsikring

IDA Forsikring wants to be known for providing world-class membership service. This is now being achieved thanks to greater insight into the behaviour and needs of the members as well as a brand new and much more member-oriented culture.

Long-term leadership in a short-term world

We are driven by value creation. When you work with us, you work with a team dedicated to finding the best solution. The client’s problem is our problem, no matter how complex it might be, and we are not satisfied until we have created a robust solution that works both in the short and long term.

H&B is the top management’s advisor

Together with our clients, we find solutions to complex problems such as:

How do we increase profitability?

How do we encourage staff to become more engaged?

How do we reduce complexity?

How can we digitise our business?

How do we grow?

How do we strengthen the leadership?

Strategy and transformation

Although all our solutions are different, they have one thing in common: They involve strategy and transformation. First we analyse the root of the problem and define a strategy for how to solve it in the best way – then we proceed to act on the strategy and create organisational transformation. In our view, the two phases are inseparable.

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