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How we create value
Client value stories

Board development at Arla Foods

The Board at Arla Foods, which represents more than 7,000 owners, now has a joint understanding of what it will take to implement the company’s global vision and strategy.

Client value stories

Growth strategy for the Port of Aarhus

The Port of Aarhus has been through a process in which they developed a growth strategy with broad involvement of employees across the organisation, creating a direction for growth while at the same time preparing the organisation for the future.

Client value stories
Culture & values

Membership culture in IDA Forsikring

IDA Forsikring wants to be known for providing world-class membership service. This is now being achieved thanks to greater insight into the behaviour and needs of the members as well as a brand new and much more member-oriented culture.

Long-term value

Our vision is to create sustainable solutions that last in the long term – while taking into account the organisation’s short-term needs. This ambition permeates our way of working, and we are not satisfied until we have created real and long-term value for our clients.

H&B is the top management’s advisor

Together with our clients, we find solutions to complex problems such as:

How do we develop a profitable growth strategy?

How do we exercise active ownership?

How do we ensure effective governance and organisation?

How do we secure a strong execution power in the organisation?

How do we optimise resource utilisation and collaboration across the value chain?

How do we translate strategy and vision into objectives, performance and behaviour?

How can customer strategy become a common benchmark for the customer experience?

How can we make it easy being a customer?

How do we make it easy for managers and employees to work with customers?

We primarily work within three areas:

Strategy & Organisation

We are one of Denmark’s leading strategy advisors and assist with value creating strategies that ensure optimal frameworks for developing organisations’ ownership and business.

+ Active ownership
+ Corporate strategy
+ Business strategy
+ Operating model

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Business Transformation

We increase profitability by implementing strategies, strengthening the organisation’s execution power and optimising its use of resources and transversal collaboration.

+ Strategy deployment
+ Programme and project management
+ Cost reduction
+ Digital automation

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Commercial Excellence

We strengthen organisations’ sales competencies and set direction for the customer agenda. We formulate customer strategies and help implement them in the organisations.

+ Customer strategy
+ Customer structure and culture
+ Customer journeys
+ Sales development

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Leading advisor on active ownership

Family ownership is one of the most important and successful forms of ownership – both in Denmark and globally – however, there is a big discrepancy in whether the family-owned companies are able to harness the competitive advantage of their ownership structure in the long run.

At H&B, we have many years of experience with developing active ownership in Denmark’s most successful family-owned businesses.

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For people, with people, as people

We believe that people and their knowledge, skills, attitudes, and behaviour are the essence of any organisation. Active involvement, competency development and knowledge sharing are therefore a crucial part of our way of working. It ensures execution and anchoring and prepares the organisation for solving future challenges.

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