How we create value

We help realise companies’ potential and solve the right problems in the right way.

We work broadly to design the right strategy, process, governance or management system, and we take part in the transformation needed to create value.

What matters to us is creating results that make a difference – for people and with people. And we are not satisfied until we have created real, long-term value.

Enabling good leadership

We believe that good leadership is the key to success, both for the company itself and society as a whole. Good leadership creates growth and strengthens the competitiveness – and it is also essential for a good working environment and quality of life. To enable good leadership for more people is therefore our mission.

Long-term leadership in a short-term world

We are driven by value creation. When you work with us, you work with a team dedicated to finding the best solution. The company’s problem is our problem, no matter how complex it might be, and we are not satisfied until we have created a robust solution that works both in the short and long term.

For people and with people

We believe that people and their knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviour are the essence of every organisation, and our solutions are always based on that belief.

Courage to challenge

We strive. This means that you will meet a team of ambitious people who want to create extraordinary results. We ask the necessary questions and are not afraid of challenging others or disagreeing, even in difficult situations. Our intention is always to help, so that we can create maximum value together.

Knowledge in practice

H&B has a strong learning culture, which means that we all participate actively in developing and sharing knowledge. We develop our own methods and improve them as we use them in pracice. When collaborating with us, you will therefore meet advisors who have both their heads and hearts in what they do.

We actively take responsability

For us, social responsibility is not something you only take on special occasions. It is an attitude and a way of thinking. We believe that if you have the ability, you also have an obligation. Therefore, we commit to taking responsibility in our dealings with colleagues, clients and the world around us:

We relate to our clients’ reality and work to create long-term relations

We cherish solidarity and believe that as a company we are most successful if we work as a team

We drive the management agenda and strive to propagate good leadership

We create robust solutions by standing up for what we believe in and challenging our clients

We support passion, creativity and initiative through a high degree of autonomy

We contribute to sustainable transformation through our clients and partnerships

We lift our clients through various transformations and holistic consultancy

We take responsibility for the personal and professional development of ourselves and the people around us

We spend the equivalent of 1% of our turnover on charity

Partnership with PlanBørnefonden

We have formed a pro bono partnership with PlanBørnefonden who we give the most valuable we have: Our time, knowledge and skills. More specifically, we help PlanBørnefonden with the merger of Plan Denmark and BØRNEfonden by facilitating a strategy process, among other things.

We have chosen PlanBørnefonden as a partner because of their long-term approach to development work which helps to ensure children’s rights and equality for girls around the world. That is something we would very much like to support!

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