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You have heard it before; The world is changing rapidly and has become more unpredictable. Strategic challenges can come from the big tech giants but also from two people in a garage.

In all this you may ask yourself: Why create a strategy at all?

Because strategy is still one of the most essential leadership tools for the top management. Strategy ensures that the company directs its resources, priorities and actions towards a common goal so that it can create a desirable future.

And it is possible to create a long-term strategy that also considers the short-term needs of the company. At H&B, we are experts in this.

Create a value-adding strategy process

We guarantee the proper method to match your company needs and context, and we counsel you through the strategy process to make it both value-creating for the business and developing for the entire organisation.

When implementing a strategy process, our starting point is always based on a deep insight into the situation and an understanding of the dynamics in your organisation.

We emphasise the right balance between the involvement of owners, the board of directors, the executive board and the management.

Our solutions help realise the company’s potential as well as develop and create clarity for the owners, the board, and the management.

Our focus areas

Owner Strategy

We set a clear direction for active ownership through the development of long-term strategies for the ownership of companies and organisations.

Corporate Strategy

We frame the corporation’s approach to being the owner in order to create value for the portfolio of companies. We clarify the corporate benefits and define the overall direction of development.

Business Strategy

We establish the focus and the direction of development, so that resources, priorities, and actions are adjusted towards a common goal. It prepares the organisation to seize the right opportunities.

Leadership Structure

We develop and implement the proper management structure for the realisation of strategies.

Operating Model & Organisational Design

We outline the management processes that form the basis for the execution of the strategy, and thus build a bridge between strategy and execution.

Acquisition Strategy

We develop acquisition strategies by identifying acquisition candidates based on defined screening criteria, and we show the way to realising the best business acquisitions.

Board Development

We work with boards on their determination and realisation of development goals.

Strategic Due Diligence

We either support the buyer or seller as a strategic advisor and contribute to the realisation of the best possible business deals.

Active Family Ownership

We define the purpose and approach to ownership including determining the owners’ ambitions and plans for developing the ownership.

“H&B has helped us design a new strategy, and I found that the consultants were thorough, persistent and good at ensuring progress – even when things were difficult. The fact that they have experienced similar situations before is no doubt an advantage. They emphasised the need for involving the management group and other stakeholders throughout the process. As a result, everyone feels an ownership of the strategy and is committed to carrying it out in practice. In addition, H&B was an empathic collaboration partner with great interpersonal skills and understanding.”

Jes Bjerregaard


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