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A company’s challenges are rarely purely strategic problems, processing difficulties or management challenges. They are often a mixture of strategy, management, transformation, processes, governance and much more. The same applies to our solutions.

We primarily work within three areas:

Strategy & Organisation

We are one of Denmark’s leading strategy advisors and assist with value creating strategies that ensure optimal frameworks for developing organisations’ ownership and business.

+ Active ownership
+ Corporate strategy
+ Business strategy
+ Operating model

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Business Transformation

We increase profitability by implementing strategies, strengthening the organisation’s execution power and optimising its use of resources and transversal collaboration.

+ Strategy deployment
+ Programme and project management
+ Cost reduction
+ Digital automation

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Commercial Excellence

We strengthen organisations’ sales competencies and set direction for and pace on the customer agenda. We formulate customer strategies and help implement them in the organisations.

+ Customer strategy
+ Customer structure and culture
+ Customer journeys
+ Sales development

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Solutions that match the organisation

To solve the client’s challenges in the best way possible, we act and think as one team. We work across disciplines and draw on the necessary competencies and knowledge to meet the organisation’s specific situation.

We relate to the organisation’s reality and challenges and adapt our solutions to its needs. We listen and support the organisation’s existing processes so that we can create real and long-term value together.

Tap into the advantage of the family ownership

Family ownership is one of the most important and successful forms of ownership – both in Denmark and globally – however, there is a big discrepancy in whether the family-owned companies are able to harness the competitive advantage of their ownership structure in the long run.

At H&B, we have many years of experience with developing active ownership in Denmark’s most successful family-owned businesses.

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Succeed with your digital workforce

Robots create an advantage for many companies – small, large, public and private. The possibilities are numerous, and results are reflected directly on the company’s bottom line.

In order to best support organisations with their robot initiatives, we have established a collaboration with NOVARO that delivers the technology, while we ensure a successful implementation and transition of the company.

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