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Membership culture in IDA Forsikring

IDA Forsikring wants to be known for providing world-class membership service. This is now being achieved thanks to greater insight into the behaviour and needs of the members as well as a brand new and much more member-oriented culture.

World-class member service

IDA Forsikring is an association with a well-functioning business model and a high degree of member satisfaction. The association was therefore well placed to realise its desire to create future growth by including a greater proportion of ambassadors among its members.

The desire was to go from “good to great” in relation to the membership focus. In collaboration with H&B, IDA Forsikring initiated a cultural journey that aimed at increasing member loyalty and creating a basis for the association’s future growth.

With its thorough analytical preparatory work, H&B helped IDA Forsikring understand the experience and needs of its members.

“H&B’s work has given us a new and better understanding of how our members experience IDA Forsikring. We have gained insight into what our members think of us and why. This has given us a basis for taking responsibility for the entire member’s journey and work more actively to increase member satisfaction,” Diana Norling, Insurance Manager at IDA Forsikring, explains.


Loyal members and motivated employees

The understanding of the needs of the members and the aligned direction has started a fundamental change process at IDA Forsikring.

“The process helped us change our mindset. We have gone from one extreme to the other in just six months – from “how can we make life easier for ourselves” to thinking “how can we make life easier for our members”. You could also say that we have changed from processing members as quickly as possible to making the individual member the focus of our efforts. A byproduct of this change is increased loyalty among members and even more motivated employees,” Diana Norling concludes.


About IDA Forsikring

IDA Forsikring is an independent association. All insurance advice is provided by IDA Forsikring’s own advisers, while claims settlement is handled by the companies with which IDA Forsikring collaborates. IDA Forsikring is available to engineers and MSc graduates who are members of the Danish Society of Engineers, IDA.