Our culture and values

We promote a culture and work approach that encourages creativity and breaks down habitual thinking. We are ambitious, thorough and see the bigger picture. We demand quality work from each other, and we strive to ensure that everyone can develop their unique talent.

We believe that good advisory is not simply based on skills and experience, but also on the willingness to help each other and go the extra mile – and to work among people who respect and trust each other.

We value our team highly

At H&B, we all work together and help each other so that we can achieve the best results together. We prioritise spending time together; we like each other, and we have fun together. Our team consists of people who all contribute with essential qualifications to ensure our long-term competitive position.

Bridging research and practice

H&B was founded by Steen Hildebrandt and Søren Brandi who began their long-term collaboration at the School of Business and Social Science (BSS), Aarhus University.

After publishing a string of books together, Steen and Søren decided in 2004 to take the next step and invest their knowledge, skills and visions in a consultant firm.

The aim was to bridge research and practice by creating knowledge-based, sustainable solutions – long-term management in a short-term world.

Although H&B has grown considerably since then, this philosophy still characterises our way of working.

H&B = Human + Business

One of our colleagues once said that H&B stands for “human” and “business”, and although this is not the case, the letter combination nevertheless says something fundamental about us as an organisation.

Ever since we were established, the combination of a professional business focus and a humanistic approach has been at the core of our culture and way of doing business.

In a day-to-day context, this means that we value our colleagues and promote a sense of community and development of the individual. At the same time, we have a strong focus on performance and high standards for professionalism and quality.

Real values

All companies revolve around people, and the same applies to our own team. We have five fundamental values on which our culture is based:


Energy requires movement which in turn requires that we both receive and give. Energy is a product of light, clarity and will. Energy comes from the heart and mind. Energy is the force that keeps people and the company going.


By intelligence we mean analytical, mental intelligence as well as social and emotional intelligence. As a company and as people, we have many types of intelligence, and together with our clients we meet and display a multitude of competences.


We protect our integrity. It is important to us to be able to express ourselves and act independently, honestly and in accordance with sound ethical and moral principles. We are accommodating, while at the same time we demand the right to be uncompromising.


We make a difference. We show that it is possible to push boundaries and face interesting questions, trends and possibilities. What is normal is not good enough. What is average is rarely interesting when it involves the development of people and relations between people.


We identify with the many different situations companies face, and we relate to many different employees and clients.

H&B is not a company with a fixed framework, in which employees must fit into established boxes; instead the company is shaped by the contribution of the employees.


Sofie Teilmann Gildsig


What attracted me about H&B was the company’s focus on development – personal development, mutual development, development of the client and development of knowledge.


Tomas Lykke


It is motivating to be part of the team spirit that characterises H&B. We collaborate across skills and disciplines and help each other improve. It is obvious that the desire to help is a driving force behind everyone at H&B.


Philip Kimber Baumgarten


It is a great honour to experience the trust the clients show us when they open their company doors and allow us to get close to their culture, finances, customers, processes as well as themselves as human beings. It gives me butterflies in the stomach and makes me want to go the extra mile to create the very best results.


Nana Påske


Our success depends on our ability to move businesses and people – and thereby creating sustainable changes.


Esben Vinther


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