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In recent years, many things have happened on the customer side. Several companies are improving their customer experiences, and some have successfully set new standards for excellent customer service. Nevertheless, the customer agenda is still lagging at many companies.

When companies investigate the reasons for a decline in customer loyalty, they often find that it is due to lower competitor prices, poor customer experiences or the omission of proactive support.

We want to change that. The customer agenda is not only “nice to have” but downright vital to gain success. Moreover, it must permeate the complete DNA of the organisation to create results noticeable on the bottom line.

Set direction for the customer agenda

At H&B, we have developed a customer concept that sets the direction and creates a common language for an excellent customer experience. The concept has been developed through a large number of projects and tested thoroughly in practice.

The customer concept consists of two main parts. The first part is the customer strategy, which acts as the guiding star, and the other is the foundation that makes it possible to ensure a viable and sustained effect of the customer experience.

We use the customer concept as the starting point for the situation analysis and as a launch pad for defining the ambition of the customer programme.

Our focus areas

Customer Strategy

We ensure ownership at the organisation’s top level, clarify who has an impact on the customer experience and identify how it feels to be a customer in the organisation.

Customer Structure

We enable efficient and intelligent customer tours, work with customers “behind the scene” and develop the processes needed for the customers to achieve the desired experience.

Customer Culture

We identify the best customer experience, work with the behaviour needed to maintain it, and ensure that everyone knows what to do – not just in plan A, but also in plan B, C, and D.

Sales Performance

We help employees improve their behaviour in customer scenarios, which lead to more sales and enhanced loyalty.

Customer leadership

We ensure that the managers of the organisation have the desired behaviour and tools needed to safeguard the development of the customer strategy.

“H&B helped us change and become more customer-focused with an ambition of creating “consciously satisfied” customers. What made the biggest difference to us was the commitment we experienced. H&B went to great lengths to understand our company, our culture and the project in question. They were attentive and showed great sympathetic insight, and at the same time they were good at managing the process, following up and keeping us on track. They gave us a broader perspective of both the challenge and the solution and helped us make things easy to understand and manage.”

Hanne Birgitte Møller


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