Our clients

Over the years, we have provided consultancy services for clients in many different industries and sectors.

No two projects are alike. Our clients are ambitious – just like us. We work with clients who appreciate competent and honest advice, and who want to achieve extraordinary results.

“H&B has helped us design a new strategy, and I found that the consultants were thorough, persistent and good at ensuring progress – even when things were difficult. The fact that they have experienced similar situations before is no doubt an advantage. They emphasised the need for involving the management group and other stakeholders throughout the process. As a result, everyone feels an ownership of the strategy and is committed to carrying it out in practice. In addition, H&B was an empathic collaboration partner with great interpersonal skills and understanding.”

Jes Bjerregaard


“H&B helped us change and become more customer-focused with an ambition of creating “consciously satisfied” customers. What made the biggest difference to us was the commitment we experienced. H&B went to great lengths to understand our company, our culture and the project in question. They were attentive and showed great sympathetic insight, and at the same time they were good at managing the process, following up and keeping us on track. They gave us a broader perspective of both the challenge and the solution and helped us make things easy to understand and manage.”

Hanne Birgitte Møller


“H&B gave us valuable advice about the development of our future family office. Together we defined the unique contribution of the family ownership and the framework for its implementation, all based on our family constitution and ownership strategy. As a result, the family and the management group are completely clear about the family members’ individual and shared roles. The project team from H&B understood exactly who we are as a company and what is important to us, and the consultants demonstrated great empathy in their dealings with all members of the organisation.”

Mikkel Hammershøj


“I have worked with H&B on a number of projects in recent years. The consultants are very good at navigating the company with regards to employees as well as systems and processes. They have just the right competences for the challenges facing us. H&B make good use of their practical experience and help us structure our initiatives, among other things. In addition, they give us advice about how to tailor our project to get the maximum benefit. In my opinion, they have the necessary flexibility without compromising the ambitions they are pursuing on the client’s behalf.”

Torben Poulsen


“H&B helped our insurance agents achieve better sales results and higher job satisfaction through a project called “The good week”. The consultants made sure that the project was easy to understand and digest, and they were good at involving the insurance agents. They followed up on everything and actively controlled the process. At the end of the project, they even made sure that we had a plan for how we could continue working with it and make it part of our daily operations. In my view, that is the main difference between H&B and other consultant firms. H&B were with us all the way.”

Maria Rosenbæk


“H&B helped us focus on the citizens by defining our core task and a clear, common direction. We have shifted our focus from the organisation to the citizens, so that the citizens are central to everything we do. It has become easier for us to prioritise daily tasks. Everyone in the department takes responsibility for improving our administrative processes, and now we also have time to work on development tasks. As a result, the citizens are more satisfied, we have completely eliminated the waiting list, the number of complaints is close to zero, and our employees thrive and are more motivated.”

Helle Klink


Client value stories

Growth strategy for the Port of Aarhus

The Port of Aarhus has been through a process in which they developed a growth strategy with broad involvement of employees across the organisation, creating a direction for growth while at the same time preparing the organisation for the future.

Client value stories

Board development at Arla Foods

The Board at Arla Foods, which represents more than 7,000 owners, now has a joint understanding of what it will take to implement the company’s global vision and strategy.

Client value stories
Culture & values

Membership culture in IDA Forsikring

IDA Forsikring wants to be known for providing world-class membership service. This is now being achieved thanks to greater insight into the behaviour and needs of the members as well as a brand new and much more member-oriented culture.

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