A career at H&B is educational, successful and fun

At H&B, we focus on continuously developing ourselves, both professionally and personally – no matter where we are in our careers. We believe that people flourish best when they have room for growing. Here you have room.

We are looking for candidates who share our professional ambitions and values, can see themselves as part of our team and want to contribute to developing our company and culture.

What we look for

If you have recently graduated

We expect you to have relevant higher education – minimum a Master’s degree with good results – and that you are ambitious, helpful and stand out from the crowd. In addition, it is important for us that we have the same values, and that you are a good colleague who would like to work in a team and contribute to the company’s development.

If you have experience

We are looking for people with strong professional and commercial career results, and it is an advantage if you have a solid background as a consultant. In addition, it is a requirement that you have relevant higher education, and that you are ambitious, helpful and stand out from the crowd. It is important for us that we have the same values, and that you are a good colleague who would like to work in a team and contribute to the company’s development.

Continue to develop

We focus on development, both professional and personal, regardless of how much experience we already have. We are convinced that people are most likely to develop if they are given room to grow.

Help develop and share knowledge

We have a strong learning culture which means that we all take an active part in development and knowledge sharing. You get an opportunity to study topics in depth, to specialise and refine your professional skills, e.g. through client projects, our H&B academy, knowledge teams, task forces and teaching or by publishing articles and books.

Build close client relations

At H&B, you get an opportunity to apply your professional skills and collaborate with a team of the best consultants. We have long-term relations with our clients, build close collaborations and engage in our clients’ realities.

Become part of a strong and dedicated team

We have a unique culture which we protect and develop with care. We prioritise spending time together; we like each other, and we have fun together. We value a strong team of people who are easy to get on with, and all employees at H&B therefore have strong social skills. Our team is characterised by strong commitment, positive energy, thoroughness and presence.

Recruitment and on-boarding

We always adjust the recruitment process so it matches the individual candidate or the specific job, but generally the process consists of three personal interviews. Two people from H&B are present at all interviews, and ethics and confidentiality throughout the process are important to us. We think it is crucial that applicants feel that they are being treated in a dignified, respectful and professional manner, regardless of the outcome.

First interview: the personal match

At this interview we focus on finding out whether there is a personal match. We are interested in getting an impression of you as a person, your motivation, values and background – and of course we also talk about the job, H&B, and whether our expectations match.

Second interview: the professional match

The purpose of the second interview is to test whether there is a professional match. We do this by paying close attention to your professional skills and what you have achieved in the past, both professionally and commercially. The interview is typically based on one or more cases.

Third interview: the mutual match

The purpose of the third and last interview is to find out whether there is a mutual match and a potential for future collaboration. We talk about the job, the requirements, the need, the expectations and how we can grow together.

On-boarding: get a good start

A good start is the foundation for an interesting career at H&B. You will meet all your new colleagues, your supervisor and mentor at introductory meetings and take part in a number of H&B academic modules. In that way, you will quickly get to know H&B and our culture and develop both professionally and personally. The on-boarding process is always adapted to your needs and experience.

I think it is important to keep in mind that you only really start learning once you have left university.


Kasper Wittrup


At H&B you have the freedom to choose your own career path, and I have the opportunity to test my strengths in several different areas and industries and with a variety of problems. This means that my personal and professional development is driven by inner passion and energy, and that my day-to-day life is educational and motivating.

Stine Sofie Bisgaard


There is a great sense of community at H&B, and people are attentive and helpful. It is inspiring to work with so many clever and dedicated people who can teach you a lot both professionally and personally.

Jesper Boelt


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