Business Transformation

In a world where the speed of change is significant, there is no doubt that organisational transformations have come to stay. Today, it is a condition. In order stay alive, companies need to continually invest in new initiatives to meet future demands and be able to move quickly when the market changes. Although it can be costly, long-term investments are often far more profitable than no investments at all – or investments made too late. New investments and the need for constant change is demanding to any organisation. It can be a challenge balancing the long-term and transformational focus with a stable and efficient operation. This is where we can help.

Strengthen the company’s profitability

We help organisations ensure a high and sustained profitability by translating strategy and visions into goals, efforts and behaviours. We enable execution power and speed, establish efficient and sustainable organisations and we optimise the deployment of resources and cooperation across the value chain. We engage in close partnerships with our clients and make a virtue of really knowing the organisation we work with. In this way, we create results and realise profit, while building competence within the organisation to better address future challenges.

Our focus areas

Strategy Deployment
We translate strategy and visions into tangible goals, efforts, and behaviours, for example through operationalisation, performance management, and behavioural design.
Organisational development
We ensure an efficient and sustainable organisation that is able to continuously develop.
Leadership and culture development
We strengthen the organisation’s leadership power and secure a healthy development of the culture.
Project and programme management
We provide execution power and speed in strategic transformation projects and programmes.
Integration processes
We secure a successful integration and profit realisation after the acquisition or fusion.
Cost reduction
We reduce costs by optimising the organisation’s use of resources and collaboration across the value chain.
Process transformation
We optimise the company’s processes and secure robust anchoring and value creation across the organisation.
Digital automation
We realise the organisation’s digital potential by developing and executing on digital strategies.
“I have worked with H&B on a number of projects in recent years. The consultants are very good at navigating the company with regards to employees as well as systems and processes. They have just the right competences for the challenges facing us. H&B make good use of their practical experience and help us structure our initiatives, among other things. In addition, they give us advice about how to tailor our project to get the maximum benefit. In my opinion, they have the necessary flexibility without compromising the ambitions they are pursuing on the client’s behalf.”

Torben Poulsen


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