Good leadership for more people and organizations!

Our vision, long-term leadership in a short-term world, is reflected in our daily work when we, together with our clients, seek to develop sustainable solutions to complex problems.

Also, our vision shows on a daily basis when we live out our social responsibility based on the phrase Good leadership to more people and organizations.  For us, social responsibility is not something you undertake in specific occasions. It is an attitude and a mindset.

Concretely, it is about the fact that in many parts of our society there is a need for even more good leadership. We feel obliged to help companies get these needs satisfied – not only through the projects for our clients but also in other ways

Examples of how we take on this responsibility includes:

  • Instructing at higher education institution: MBA, Master and Bachelor.
  • Being position of trust in public institutions and NGOs
  • Contributing to advisory boards and think tanks
  • Knowledge sharing through numerous book publications, articles, talks, and presentations
  • Contributions to the public debate about good leadership.
  • Initiatives aimed at developing good leadership in for example schools and educational institutions.


If you have any ideas on how we could contribute further, we would like to hear from you