Our vision, long-term leadership in a short-term world, means that we seek to create robust and sustainable solutions, which are durable in the short and long term. This also implies that we have a clear position on what both good and bad leadership is.

Our five values, integrity, empathy, intelligence, energy, and edge express our opinions and are evident in the way we work: 

For example, when empathy meets edge we get to say what is important, also the things that are difficult. We do that in a respectful and constructive way, which gives room for opportunities. Intelligence goes hand in hand with integrity, since the weight of professionalism in that case does not stand alone.

Professional standards without attitude easily lead to rigidity and cynicism.

In contrary, attitudes without professional standards easily lead to chaos and coincidences.  Hildebrandt & Brandi provides consultancy services to top managements and boards on a foundation of sublime professional competency and clear attitudes. The energy to do so comes from both heart and brain.

Our values help assure that our consulting is always based on a strong professional standard and experience.