The agenda of the top management

Integrated problem solving represents an approach, in which we take the challenges that the top management faces as our starting point and also look at the complexity through these challenges. In other words – the agenda of the top management is our agenda. We understand this agenda, we have the necessary knowledge and insight to assist in solving it, and we are continuously involved in developing it.  

We are determined in our focus to develop sublime knowledge and competency within those domains, which continually are relevant for the top management.  This is done through concrete client projects, and it is done through specific research and development projects.

Our knowledge is organized in professional competency domains to ensure development and professional expertise, but this does not entail that different kinds of knowledge is isolated in the individual domains. Our client teams are assembled of people from different domains, in order to address the broadness and the complexity of the project and to ensure an integrated problem solving.

All problem solving and development encompasses change and presupposes leadership. A strategy, a new process or structure, a new performance management system etc. are all aspects, which require leadership and change management in order to obtain the aspired effect. For that reason, we will always focus on spurring leadership and change management when we solve a problem.

Below, we provide an overview of how we organize our knowledge. Click the individual domains to find out what they contain.